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1. By utilizing the screening process, EIG Property Management is attempting to prevent losses from future evictions, skips, delinquencies, damages, or other financial damage by uncovering an applicant’s previous rental history. Screening will assist EIG Property Management in making rental decisions that are based on objective business qualifications and not illegal discriminatory reasons.

2. The rental application will ask you for your complete legal name, current address, date of birth, social security number, vehicle information, state issued identification number, passport, military identification, or other identification. Emergency contact names and telephone numbers are also requested. Residence history from the last 2 years is required in addition to employment and income verification are also required as part of the application process. In order to sign a lease, a state issued identification or other identifying document is required and one form must have a picture. Applicants must be 18 years of age or provide proof of emancipation. In some cases, minors can contract for health, safety, housing and welfare issues and each case will be evaluated based on the circumstances of the applicant. Failure to provide the above information may result in a denial of your rental application.

3. The combined monthly income of all qualified applicants leasing the apartment must be 2.5 times the normal lease amount. If you are self employed or unemployed, then income verification for the term of the lease is necessary. Verification of income can be done by submitting the prior year’s tax return or having a letter of credit issued from your bank.

4. Unpaid debts, judgments or unlawful detainer related only to non-payment will result in rejection.

5. Credit Verification and Criminal Background Check is completed for all individuals completing the rental application by Rental History Reports Rental History Reports is an agency that performs all screening activities for EIG Property Management. Your credit history, criminal history and application are kept confidential and not disclosed to any other person or entity without express authorization from you. Failure to provide the above information or accurately provide the information above may result in a denial of your rental application.

6. Except for driving-related offenses, rental applications are denied for individuals that have been convicted of a gross misdemeanor or felony, or plead guilty to a gross misdemeanor or felony, or no contest to a gross misdemeanor or felony. Sex offenders and registered sex offenders are not allowed to lease from EIG. If you fail to tell the landlord in advance of such a crime or any other criminal matter prior to completing the rental application, then it shall constitute a reason for denial of this application.

7. Eviction actions filed against you or any other occupant applying for residence for any reason may be a reason for denial of a rental application. Failure to provide the above information or accurately provide the information above may result in a denial of your rental application.

8. Application screening fees are nonrefundable unless otherwise provided by law and said fees are assessed to each individual submitting a rental application.

9. Miscellaneous Reasons why your application may be denied: (1) applicant is under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the application process (2) applicant is rude, belligerent, and uses profanity to staff and employees (3) applicant is asked to leave the premises and refuses to leave when asked by staff.

10. In the event your application is denied due to Item 3, Item 4 or Item 7 and the denial is solely due to a financial reason, it may be possible at the discretion of the landlord to obtain approval with a co-signer and/or double security deposit. Co-signers are required to meet all income requirements. Co-signers are also held legally responsible of the terms and conditions of the lease. EIG Property Management complies with all federal, state, and local Fair Housing laws.

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